The Arcadia Report

Keep your eyes open

The Arcadia Report is an immersive murder mystery unique to you, transforming your city into an escape room. You don’t read about a detective, you are the detective. Play anywhere, anytime as mystery invades reality. Travel to real world locations, unlock clues, and uncover the secrets of Arcadia as you delve into corrupted records of a failed startup with murderous consequences.

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Magnifying glass

Be the Detective

Discover the twists and turns of a live tech-noir thriller. It's up to you to piece together clues from the corrupted files of Arcadia, Inc. and uncover the truth as people connected to The Report keep turning up dead.

Trail leading to marker

Secrets in Your City

Never see your city the same way again. Follow leads to real world locations to uncover new evidence and solve the case. The Arcadia Report transforms your city into an escape room.

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Mystery Invades Reality

Mystery invades reality as your location can trigger mysterious text messages from the killer or real time murder cases. Justice is in your hands.

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